Saturday, 1 December 2012

We Have Been Travelling in an Unchanging Light

Primitive Motion's new cassette "Two Ellipses" is out now on A Guide to Saints. Here's what the label has to say:
PM's offering for A Guide to Saints "Cassette Diaries" series is a document of the duo playing one Sunday afternoon in the basement studio/teenage retreat at Craig's house.
More accustomed to playing at higher volume in their practice space, this home recording reveals PM drifting into a quiet ambient cocoon of intimate suburban sound, in which a chorus of cicadas and lorikeets mix seamlessly with amplifier hiss.
Amongst a suite of improvised dream-float songs and shimmering sound sculptures, PM still manage to punch out the pulsing Rev-damaged churn of "Unchanging Light" before closing proceedings at dusk with the beautiful lament "Window".
Two Ellipses is PM's fourth release, following a 7" and cassette on US label Soft Abuse, and a 3"cdr earlier this year on Craig's own Kindling imprint."
Edition of 100 - screen printed covers, pink cassettes, submarines, glockenspiel, inter-galactic deep sea divers, propeller driven amplifiers and steam valve euphonium. You know the score champs. One for yourself and one for your neighbour. Bury a third  in the yard.

Two Ellipses by Primitive Motion


PRIMITIVE MOTION - TWO ELLIPSES cs $10 aus /$12 elsewhere (Comes with download.)

Includes postage

For download only purchase, please click here.

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  1. The cassette in the background of the photo is Terminal Moraine - Leighton's first solo release from around '95/'96 - a micro edn on Kindling. Jon Dale recognised it and wins a free copy of Two Ellipses!