Monday, 23 September 2013

Worlds Floating By

Primitive Motion's "Worlds Floating By" LP was released today.

The album was recorded over a couple of afternoons in Joel Stern's studio/lounge back in Dec 2011/Jan 2012 - we've had this one on the go for while!

Recorded live and captured beautifully by Mr Stern with a few overdubs by team PM, some guest beats from our pal Edmund Xavier and post-toasting by Lawrence English. 

You can get it from Bedroom Suck Records or from us below.

That's producer Stern checking his emails while we slaved away. Several other folks swung by during the recording - Sky Needle had a band meeting, our film making friend Audrey Lam was there, and resident-in-suffering Josh Watson endured repeat plays through the floorboards during mixing. And more still. Good memories - here it finally is!

Includes Postage

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