Saturday, 22 December 2012

Feet Off the Pedals, Clouds Touch My Hair

I'm happier than Larry to be touring Aotearoa this summer thanks to the capital folk at Altmusic. Full details via the Altmusic website.


Tour Poster by Primitive Motion

Saturday, 1 December 2012

We Have Been Travelling in an Unchanging Light

Primitive Motion's new cassette "Two Ellipses" is out now on A Guide to Saints. Here's what the label has to say:
PM's offering for A Guide to Saints "Cassette Diaries" series is a document of the duo playing one Sunday afternoon in the basement studio/teenage retreat at Craig's house.
More accustomed to playing at higher volume in their practice space, this home recording reveals PM drifting into a quiet ambient cocoon of intimate suburban sound, in which a chorus of cicadas and lorikeets mix seamlessly with amplifier hiss.
Amongst a suite of improvised dream-float songs and shimmering sound sculptures, PM still manage to punch out the pulsing Rev-damaged churn of "Unchanging Light" before closing proceedings at dusk with the beautiful lament "Window".
Two Ellipses is PM's fourth release, following a 7" and cassette on US label Soft Abuse, and a 3"cdr earlier this year on Craig's own Kindling imprint."
Edition of 100 - screen printed covers, pink cassettes, submarines, glockenspiel, inter-galactic deep sea divers, propeller driven amplifiers and steam valve euphonium. You know the score champs. One for yourself and one for your neighbour. Bury a third  in the yard.

Two Ellipses by Primitive Motion


PRIMITIVE MOTION - TWO ELLIPSES cs $10 aus /$12 elsewhere (Comes with download.)

Includes postage

For download only purchase, please click here.