Thursday, 8 June 2017

Trade Winds Blow, the Curious World


Freshly baked holiday jams recorded during a week at the beach in Yamba, December 2016.

SK1 hymnals, battery powered enviro-jams and field recordings from walks around the headland.

Hand cut to 8"s of polycarbonate in Ashburton, Aoetearoa by Peter King. Numbered edition of 40.

Includes Postage

Pre-order now - download code will be emailed to you on order. Ships on 26 June.

"Leighton Craig has been making minimalist art + casio music for a bit now. Between the lovely avant-pop LP's of his duo Primitive Motion with Sandra Selig and meditative solo work, he is peaking. The concept is simple on Wind Songs: seaside nature sounds + repeated casio patterns + simple vocal melodies, not far removed from the 4-track bits Robert Wyatt was releasing in the early 90's or the tea time Eno jams of WOO." - Glenn Donaldson


                                                             Video recorded Otago Peninsula, New Zealand, 2013