Saturday, 22 December 2012

Feet Off the Pedals, Clouds Touch My Hair

I'm happier than Larry to be touring Aotearoa this summer thanks to the capital folk at Altmusic. Full details via the Altmusic website.


Tour Poster by Primitive Motion

Saturday, 1 December 2012

We Have Been Travelling in an Unchanging Light

Primitive Motion's new cassette "Two Ellipses" is out now on A Guide to Saints. Here's what the label has to say:
PM's offering for A Guide to Saints "Cassette Diaries" series is a document of the duo playing one Sunday afternoon in the basement studio/teenage retreat at Craig's house.
More accustomed to playing at higher volume in their practice space, this home recording reveals PM drifting into a quiet ambient cocoon of intimate suburban sound, in which a chorus of cicadas and lorikeets mix seamlessly with amplifier hiss.
Amongst a suite of improvised dream-float songs and shimmering sound sculptures, PM still manage to punch out the pulsing Rev-damaged churn of "Unchanging Light" before closing proceedings at dusk with the beautiful lament "Window".
Two Ellipses is PM's fourth release, following a 7" and cassette on US label Soft Abuse, and a 3"cdr earlier this year on Craig's own Kindling imprint."
Edition of 100 - screen printed covers, pink cassettes, submarines, glockenspiel, inter-galactic deep sea divers, propeller driven amplifiers and steam valve euphonium. You know the score champs. One for yourself and one for your neighbour. Bury a third  in the yard.

Two Ellipses by Primitive Motion


PRIMITIVE MOTION - TWO ELLIPSES cs $10 aus /$12 elsewhere (Comes with download.)

Includes postage

For download only purchase, please click here.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Hollowed Out B will Float on the Sea

The Kindling Corporation is proud to present it's first foray into the wonderful world of Peter King's lathe cut polywaffle. Yum. And guess what chucklebums? It's a sumptuous little doozy!

Threads is the recording project of Stuart Busby and Sandra Selig, who baked the delicious Tall Building 7" back when they were also cooks in The Deadnotes' kitchen.  And Yee Gods, can these two beat the egg whites into soft fluffy peaks?  No, that's not a question me hungry little hippos, I'm telling ya how it is! This pavlova's got it all going on sister.

Enough of the culinary capers you say! Give it to me straight boss. Hoekee choke peeps. This sweet platter is the flickin wobbly bees knees of pop singles.  Heavenly nursery rhymed vox, happy-chug tub pounding and bass, piano, eupho and muted trumpet dotting the eyes o-so-right. Stunning 30 second bookend songs about elevators and tall buildings. Badalementi/Cruise float-time. Aggh shit, this thing's just got it man.

Only probs is when I asked the Threadsters to drop 30 of these in the oven, they used their fingers to count and stopped when they ran outta hands.  It's the old 'cooks can't count' dilemma, the mystery of the baker's dozen etc. I'm thinking there are more than 4 x 5 of you out there who fancy a taste, and given the artistes have already gobbled a few copies, well, there aren't many of these left to go around. So get snappy! Release the golden-lathe sound!

Pre-orders now being taken for early November release. Records will ship to you no later than 12 November. In the meantime, a download code for the ep will be emailed on purchase.

THREADS - TALL BUILDING 7" (edn of 20)  $15AU Worldwide postage included in price.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

R.I.P. John Henry Calvinist

Dear Friends

On behalf of The Lost Domain family, it is with great sadness we mark the passing earlier today of our dear friend and bandmate David MacKinnon.

David had bravely battled cancer these past couple of years and is now finally at peace.

R.I.P. John Henry Calvinist.

John Henry Calvinist - Reprise by Kindlingrecords

"I made a compilation CD today, with one eye to Dave's funeral & one to our time together. And as I pulled together the 30 something minutes of music I reflected on how much he has helped me to make the world real to my own eyes. The 5 songs I selected came to me out of necessity & hope, borne from many a long boozy conversation. I know how to do this. I know how it goes, because he showed me. The way to sequence, the import of the guiding drink, to listen back on the threshold of pain & exclaimation, the need to share and say - hey, this is important, this is rock n roll. I know this. I know this - throbbing, loose & tight - world we walk around in. I know how to deal & take it & how to walk with kings. I know. I know. Because he showed me. I don't need to know anything other."

Simon Ellaby
Monday 10 September, 2012

"david had the real spirit of rock'n'roll in his bones - in a completely unaffected, generous and fearsomely intelligent way. through his writing and his words and his music he laid out a whole new thing for rock music which would take the elemental force of early 20th century blues, break it apart with the wild freedoms of sun ra and the revenant eloquence of john fahey, and then rattle its cage with the r&b voodoo of tav falco and alex chilton. in years to come, the man's body of work - finely tuned and articulated, presented with a rare grace and force of logic - is surely going to be seen as one of the primary visions of australian folk art. it took me a while to realise it, but i learned a helluva lot from david: his thought shattered my preconceptions and sent my thinking about rock'n'roll's true history hurtling in the right direction. thanks david, you will be missed. love to your family and friends. stay strong, lost domainers."

Jon Dale

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Kindling Archives Vol. 4

I found the manuscript for the Kindling zine in a box under my house this week. Lovingly typed on my Olivetti, cut, pasted and xeroxed into 60 A5 copies. Published in 1996 as I recall.

It featured an unduly lengthy discourse with Danny Butt (Crabstick, Flies Inside the Sun etc), some incredibly embarrassing interview questions, and some other flotsam, including a failed attempt at a Brisbane mail-order service.

I've included below a few excerpts that made me smile as I thumbed through the silverfished sheets.  Plagal Grind, Verlaines and Small World Experience worship. Bless my 24 year old self!                           

Monday, 16 July 2012

Fig. 4

I Can't Hear the Bells by Fig .



Recorded 12 July 2102, Milani Gallery

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Become the Phase Between Two Ellipses

The new Primitive Motion cassette will be released shortly on A Guide to Saints. Featuring 7 new tracks recorded one fine Sunday afternoon at Kindling House, the album is currently getting some harmonic manipulation in the toaster at Lawrence English's kitchen.  I think that's what he said. It's already been slow roasted by Sandra at Franklins Lab, so this thing's an absolute bakers delight. Hey - don't ask me what it all means, I just push down the little white keys that make sound come out. 

Here's a sample of the kinda deep-space-sub-aquatic-propeller-driven-orbital-curve-action that will be spooling through the tape heads in a month or so.  With cicadas! Keeping in mind, notions are are at right angles and are of the same frequency.  The differences of phase between two ellipses.

Two Ellipses by Primitive Motion

Recording Two Ellipses at Kindling House, 30 October 2011. 

Friday, 15 June 2012

New Time of the Motion Primitive

All works Sandra Selig/Leighton Craig
May/June 2012
Exhibited at Serial Space, Sydney June 2012.