Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Escape to the Hole in the Sky

Escape to the Hole in the Sky by Primitive Motion

Ullo peeps. Primitive Motion are cobbling together a few albums at the moment and we found this lost space junk in the sock drawer. Ye Gods! Sandy Selig took some helium and slipped straight through the vortex, while FWY! chief pilot Edmund Xavier beamed down the beats from the control bridge at Video West.  Somehow the fuselage remained intact, careering through a dance floor of exploding asteroids. Hold on tight!

Image: Sandra (courtesy Milani Gallery)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Here I Give Thanks to Harold Budd


                                                                                                                          Leighton Craig, 2002

Monday, 2 April 2012

Kindling Archives Vol. 3: Blowfly Saint

Blowfly Saint in Auckland, January 2006. L to R: Leighton Craig, Stefan Neville 

Blowfly Saint - In the Hole by Kindlingrecords

Stefan with the late Millicent Bystander
 at Kindling House, Dec 2007.

Blowfly Saint occurs when Stefan Neville and Leighton Craig cross paths in the same city for a few days. (Eugene Carchesio was also involved in the first session at the infamous Northgate sheds in 2005.)

The duo share an interest in facilitating closer Trans-Tasman relations, but believe the David Kidwell shoulder charge on Willie Mason in the first test in 2006 was a culturally appropriate act.

BFS has made a swag of recordings, with one piece ("Coast Road") released on the Need for a Crossing compilation that appeared a few years back on the Xeric imprint.

Stabbies etc HQ, Kingsland, Auckland

The track above was knocked out one hot December afternoon in the garage at Kindling House, Brisbane.  The little fella below is from a midnight session at Stefan's old pad in Kingsland, Auckland. Best endeavours were made to keep quiet for snoozing housemates...

Blowfly Saint patrolling the badlands.
Blowfly Saint - Grey Pitman of Huddock by Kindlingrecords

Border Rangers.