Saturday, 8 September 2012

R.I.P. John Henry Calvinist

Dear Friends

On behalf of The Lost Domain family, it is with great sadness we mark the passing earlier today of our dear friend and bandmate David MacKinnon.

David had bravely battled cancer these past couple of years and is now finally at peace.

R.I.P. John Henry Calvinist.

John Henry Calvinist - Reprise by Kindlingrecords

"I made a compilation CD today, with one eye to Dave's funeral & one to our time together. And as I pulled together the 30 something minutes of music I reflected on how much he has helped me to make the world real to my own eyes. The 5 songs I selected came to me out of necessity & hope, borne from many a long boozy conversation. I know how to do this. I know how it goes, because he showed me. The way to sequence, the import of the guiding drink, to listen back on the threshold of pain & exclaimation, the need to share and say - hey, this is important, this is rock n roll. I know this. I know this - throbbing, loose & tight - world we walk around in. I know how to deal & take it & how to walk with kings. I know. I know. Because he showed me. I don't need to know anything other."

Simon Ellaby
Monday 10 September, 2012

"david had the real spirit of rock'n'roll in his bones - in a completely unaffected, generous and fearsomely intelligent way. through his writing and his words and his music he laid out a whole new thing for rock music which would take the elemental force of early 20th century blues, break it apart with the wild freedoms of sun ra and the revenant eloquence of john fahey, and then rattle its cage with the r&b voodoo of tav falco and alex chilton. in years to come, the man's body of work - finely tuned and articulated, presented with a rare grace and force of logic - is surely going to be seen as one of the primary visions of australian folk art. it took me a while to realise it, but i learned a helluva lot from david: his thought shattered my preconceptions and sent my thinking about rock'n'roll's true history hurtling in the right direction. thanks david, you will be missed. love to your family and friends. stay strong, lost domainers."

Jon Dale


  1. RIP Dave, deepest condolences go out to his family and friends. Much love and respect, Marriah x

  2. Very sad. The passing of a great person who shared a lot of his passion of music through music.

  3. he was a visionary musician & possessed of a formidable intellect: a great loss. best wishes to his loved ones.

  4. Going to visit, or to jam with, or to see David play live was always one of the highlights of my all too infrequent travels to Brisbane. He was the real deal- truly unaffected and one of the least pretentious people I've ever met. I will miss him.
    In memory I've decided to make the downloadable version of the Lost Domain album 'Northgate' free. You can get this here:

    -Antony Milton

  5. Yesterday's tribute on 4ZzZ was the best radio I can remember... really floored me.

  6. Any chance there's a downloadable recording of that 4ZzZ show?