Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Hollowed Out B will Float on the Sea

The Kindling Corporation is proud to present it's first foray into the wonderful world of Peter King's lathe cut polywaffle. Yum. And guess what chucklebums? It's a sumptuous little doozy!

Threads is the recording project of Stuart Busby and Sandra Selig, who baked the delicious Tall Building 7" back when they were also cooks in The Deadnotes' kitchen.  And Yee Gods, can these two beat the egg whites into soft fluffy peaks?  No, that's not a question me hungry little hippos, I'm telling ya how it is! This pavlova's got it all going on sister.

Enough of the culinary capers you say! Give it to me straight boss. Hoekee choke peeps. This sweet platter is the flickin wobbly bees knees of pop singles.  Heavenly nursery rhymed vox, happy-chug tub pounding and bass, piano, eupho and muted trumpet dotting the eyes o-so-right. Stunning 30 second bookend songs about elevators and tall buildings. Badalementi/Cruise float-time. Aggh shit, this thing's just got it man.

Only probs is when I asked the Threadsters to drop 30 of these in the oven, they used their fingers to count and stopped when they ran outta hands.  It's the old 'cooks can't count' dilemma, the mystery of the baker's dozen etc. I'm thinking there are more than 4 x 5 of you out there who fancy a taste, and given the artistes have already gobbled a few copies, well, there aren't many of these left to go around. So get snappy! Release the golden-lathe sound!

Pre-orders now being taken for early November release. Records will ship to you no later than 12 November. In the meantime, a download code for the ep will be emailed on purchase.

THREADS - TALL BUILDING 7" (edn of 20)  $15AU Worldwide postage included in price.

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