Monday, 12 June 2017

Trade Winds Blow, the Curious World


Freshly baked holiday jams recorded during a week at the beach in Yamba, December 2016.

SK1 hymnals, battery powered enviro-jams and field recordings from walks around the headland.

Hand cut to 8"s of polycarbonate in Ashburton, Aoetearoa by Peter King. Numbered edition of 40.

SOLD OUT SORRY (download version available for purchase here)

Pre-order now - download code will be emailed to you on order. Ships on 26 June.

"Leighton Craig has been making minimalist art + casio music for a bit now. Between the lovely avant-pop LP's of his duo Primitive Motion with Sandra Selig and meditative solo work, he is peaking. The concept is simple on Wind Songs: seaside nature sounds + repeated casio patterns + simple vocal melodies, not far removed from the 4-track bits Robert Wyatt was releasing in the early 90's or the tea time Eno jams of WOO." - Glenn Donaldson


                                                             Video recorded Otago Peninsula, New Zealand, 2013

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