Monday, 20 June 2016

Green Coronet

I have a new tape available via the A Guide to Saints imprint. Here's what the label has to say about it:

"Leighton Craig is a Brisbane based musician. Over the past two decades he has played a central role in the Brisbane outsider music community. Performing in a clutch of key units, including free-rock mainstays The Lost Domain, pop miniaturists The Deadnotes and the dream-float duo Primitive Motion. Each of these groups bares the mark of his innate melodic sensibility and his uniquely understated aesthetic approaches.

As a soloist, he has pursued a low-tech approach to keyboard studies, song forms, field recording and sound installation.

"Green Coronet" is the long overdue follow-up to his solo Room 40 album "11 Easy Pieces".  Largely a live recording, GC finds Craig enjoying the freedom of a new home studio space, pushing record as neighbourhood sounds flood into the room in this dreamy suite of four cyclic jams that celebrate the fuzzy tones of his favoured Coronet Phase 2 amplifier.

From the opening track "Green Veil", where shimmering circles of keyboard and voice weave into passing traffic and holiday field recordings, GC has an immersive time-flow. When the door closes on the sound world outside, "Solar Causeways" and "Divided by Zero" map a melancholic journey within, culminating in wailing synth blasts into the void. 

With its warm keyboard and clarinet cycles, looped aquatic choral refrains and mics dangling out the studio window, GC unfolds as an unlikely sub-tropical Harold Budd homage - with a lo-fi suburban edge and noise outro!"

The tape was toasted up by Lawrence English at 158 and as with all AGTS releases, comes in an edition of 100 with screen printed covers. The Green Coronet edition is completed with a set of two tiny 5 x 7cm prints of floating beings on 300gsm watercolour paper, housed in archival glassine envelopes. When you buy from this website, the first 30 copies come with an additional third print.


Includes Postage

For download only purchase, click here 

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