Wednesday, 2 October 2013

He Knows The Air

Fig.'s posthumous 7" is available for pre-order now, and we're proud to say it's the first release on soon-to-be-everyone's favourite label Eternal Soundcheck Records.  

You all know Matt Kennedy as the crooning champ behind Kitchen's Floor, host of the legendary house/venue 116, ubiquitous cameraman/documentarian of aus new punk, drive time radio anchor at public radio 4zzz and rocketing entrepreneur of an online store that's causing seismic activity on the dow jones.  

Look, the guy's solid ok, and he's gone and parted company with his hard-fought dough to get 50 copies of Fig.1 hand cut onto PVC at Melbourne's new Small Run record distillery. To seal the deal, we are also hand making the covers.

Fig. live at Real Bad. Photo Glen Schenau
The platter captures three improvised songs at the point of conception. "Here Comes the Bird", "Bone Dust" and "Points in Space". No discussion, no overdubs, no production.  Just jams. These songs later became live favourites, but Fig. was all about the moment, making rhythms and letting songs (and lyrics) flow out of them.  I think the tracks on this record tell the story.   

Anyhow, did I mention numbered edn of 50? Amazing sound quality by Small Run. And only 12 bucks? Don't dick around. Get it here

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