Sunday, 24 June 2012

Become the Phase Between Two Ellipses

The new Primitive Motion cassette will be released shortly on A Guide to Saints. Featuring 7 new tracks recorded one fine Sunday afternoon at Kindling House, the album is currently getting some harmonic manipulation in the toaster at Lawrence English's kitchen.  I think that's what he said. It's already been slow roasted by Sandra at Franklins Lab, so this thing's an absolute bakers delight. Hey - don't ask me what it all means, I just push down the little white keys that make sound come out. 

Here's a sample of the kinda deep-space-sub-aquatic-propeller-driven-orbital-curve-action that will be spooling through the tape heads in a month or so.  With cicadas! Keeping in mind, notions are are at right angles and are of the same frequency.  The differences of phase between two ellipses.

Two Ellipses by Primitive Motion

Recording Two Ellipses at Kindling House, 30 October 2011. 

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