Sunday, 18 September 2011

Light Must be Some Kind of Wise Cloth in Front of Your Eyes

Primitive Motion
Certain Materials 7' ep (Soft Abuse)
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"This duo is an offshoot of Brisbane's Deadnotes, and while they have some similarities to that outfit's stumbling gait, their approach is way diff. Electronics, male/female voices and echo-up-the-wazoo make me think of a certain strain of San Francisco post-punk aesthetic of the very early 1980s.  But the label's reference to the Door and The Window is accurate as well. Very diffuse, non-anti-hippy pop-weirdness. With flute! "
Byron Coley, The Wire

"Four wraithlike emanations emerge from down under, with Leighton Craig and Sandra Selig shunting disposable snippets of flayed cosmology around a well-ventilated garrison. A Straight Line hotfoots it along a decomposed drum machine rumba before stumbling over the disembodied sales spiel of countless perfume counter assassins. Elsewhere, Your Eyes revels in its solemn after-the- apocalypse vibe, a high church manoeuvre remonstrating with a severe case of the doldrums."
Spencer Grady, Record Collector

Certain Materials (includes postage)

Blog title courtesy Sandra
Diffract Being!

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