Monday, 25 July 2011

Of Things Volcanic...

Image, Sandra Selig, 2011
When wandering punk minstrel Pumice recently tried to fly home to Aotearoa from Sydney, his plane was grounded by plumes of Chilean volcanic ash that had wandered 9 000km across the Pacific.

Being himself a solidified volcanic emission and finely attuned to the convergence of tectonic plates, he had 'sensed' the grumblings of Puyehue and the imminent stratospheric mass several days prior to its arrival.  Aghast at the prospect of being trapped south of the border, he had pre-purchased a bus ticket to deliver him from the perils of the Harbour City into the arms of his kin folk in Brisbane, The Deadnotes.

Sixteen hours later, and following several bags of his favoured Smiths crinkle cut crisps and roadside stops for milky cups of tea, a Trans-Tasman summit of sorts transpired in Milani Gallery, captured for posterity be ye faithful archivist Sandy Seashore Selig.

With resident string-bender Mr E collecting mandarines by moonlight at his country retreat, axe duties passed to our man from the Shaky Isles, who garnished with heavy delay throat sung doo wop.  Here's a wee dram.  Eyes and ears out for release of the full session later this year...

The Deadnotes - My Wicked Life by Kindlingrecords

Pumice Store

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